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ICMBA's mission is to provide quality business knowledge resources to a geographically dispersed audience via the Internet. Via this web site, ICMBA publishes articles covering a range of topics in the various subjects of business administration. Over time, the articles will cover both basic and advanced topics, and include frameworks and theories that are useful for solving the more challenging problems of business administration.

The content of this site is designed to be beneficial to both students of business and practicing professionals. Students will find it useful for deepening their understanding of key course topics. We hope that business professionals will find it to be a good reference source, particularly when their library of business books is not easily accessible.

Advisory Board

James E. Gurun

Mr. Gurun is a business strategist at inCode Telecom, where he advises clients in wireless telecom ventures. Prior to inCode, Mr. Gurun held positions at Goldman Sachs' London office and as the president of Goldsoft, Ltd., a successful software company in Istanbul. Mr. Gurun holds an MBA with an emphasis in finance, real estate, and entrepreneurship. He has authored two bestselling books published in Turkey.

Susan K. Starnes

Ms. Starnes is an Investment Officer for the International Finance Corporation and an Adjunct Professor of Accounting at the School of Advanced International Studies - Johns Hopkins University. She has published various articles on the currency crises in Europe, Latin America, and Asia.

Previously, Ms. Starnes has held positions at Coopers & Lybrand, L.L.P., and J.P. Morgan & Co. With more than a decade of experience in international economics, finance, and accounting, Ms. Starnes provides valuable expertise in these subject areas.

Ms. Starnes holds an MA in International Monetary Economics, an MBA in Finance, and is a Certified Public Accountant.

Fenghua Wang

As a library scientist, Ms. Wang has published online academic knowledge resources since the early days of the World Wide Web. She is a frequent conference speaker and has authored papers on the impact of the Internet on business and society.

An expert on geographic information systems, Ms. Wang has held positions at various institutions of higher education, including the University of Pennsylvania, SUNY, and the University of Illinois. She provides valuable guidance in the development of the online delivery of NetMBA services.

Patrick R. Barton

With 15 years of experience in international management, technology, and entrepreneurship, Mr. Barton is responsible for the overall development of content. He holds MS and MBA degrees and his professional experience includes positions in Germany, Switzerland, and the United States for a range of companies including Schlumberger Ltd., The Swatch Group, and Deloitte & Touche.

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