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Process Flow Structures
A comparison of the job shop, batch process, assembly line, and continuous flow process structures. Considerations for selecting the optimal process.

Process Analysis
How to analyze business processes. Covers process flow diagrams, performance measures, Little's Law, and bottlenecks.

Linear Programming
An introduction to linear programming, including linear program structure, assumptions, problem formulation, constraints, shadow price, and applications to business administration.

Topics in Project Management:

Work Breakdown Structure
A description of the WBS, including a sample chart and outline, and a discussion of its role in project management.

Gantt Charts
An introduction to the Gantt chart and enhancements that make it more useful.

Critical Path Method
The CPM project planning technique, including steps in CPM project planning and its limitations.

A description of the PERT project planning technique and how it can take into account randomness in activity completion times.

Time-Cost Trade-offs
The types of project costs and the trade-offs between project cost and project completion time.

NetMBA > Operations

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