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Future Value
How to calculate the future value of a present sum of money. Includes an interest table of future value factors.

Present Value
How to calculate the present value of a future sum of money or multiple future cash payments. Includes a discount factor table.

A derivation of the present value formula for an annuity. Includes an annuity factor table.

Derivation of the present value of a perpetuity and the present value of a growing perpetuity.

Capital Budgeting
Introduces the concept of capital budgeting and the alternative criteria that financial managers may use in the investment decision process.

Common-Size Financial Statements
Introduction to the common-size income statement and balance sheet, including their advantages, how to prepare them, examples, and limitations.

Financial Ratios
An overview of financial ratios, including liquidity ratios, asset turnover ratios, financial leverage ratios, profitability ratios, and dividend policy ratios.

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