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The Accounting Process
An overview of the steps of the accounting cycle, beginning with a transaction and ending with the closing of the books and reversing entries.

Source Documents
Examples of transaction source documents and the purpose they serve in the accounting system.

General Journal Entries
An introduction to general journal entries, with an example of how a series of transactions would be recorded in the general journal.

General Ledger
An introduction to the posting of transactions in the general ledger, with an example of how a series of journal entries would be posted to ledger T-accounts.

Trial Balance
How to calculate the trial balance, with an example and explanation of how to isolate errors.

Adjusting Entries
Explains the need for adjusting entries for accruals and deferrals and how to record them.

Preparing the Financial Statements
A basic explanation of how to prepare the financial statements.

Closing Entries
An introduction to closing entries with examples to illustrate their preparation.

Reversing Entries
The purpose of reversing entries and an example illustrating their use.

The Chart of Accounts
What to consider when setting up a chart of accounts. Includes a sample chart of accounts.

Management Accounting and Performance Measurement:

Balanced Scorecard
Introduces the Balanced Scorecard and discusses its four performance measurement perspectives, its benefits, and a basic process for building one.

NetMBA > Accounting

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